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Why Recycle Plastic When We Should be Reclaiming

As we transition to a green economy, we also need to change our vocabulary. For years we have believed that recycling has been the path to clean energy. And, as plastics multiply, we pat ourselves on the back because we are separating our numbered plastics. Thinking a plastic recycling program, hybrid cars, reducing emissions, and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPA) legislation will create a green economy is remiss. Until we change our focus, and vocabulary, to reclaim plastic waste, we cannot expect a true green economy. It is time to end the life of plastic.

As put forth by Bill Gates GatesNotes, “Game Plan – 4 ways the U.S. can reassert leadership on climate change” (}; he asserts that the Biden administration must increase the supply of innovation. While we have solar and wind, we need more tools.

For the last 10 years, engineer/inventor Dan Caris has been creating a unique generator which utilizes plastic waste to produce electricity. The work focuses on a revolutionary approach of using reclaimed plastic reduced to molecular viscosity to produce electricity. The patented unit is on track for testing this summer.

Recycling has and always will be a gratifying venture; but how do we reclaim plastic waste and end its life cycle?. So, let us change our approach and find innovations that will allow the earth to keep pace with plastic production

Susan Savage

Caris Inc.

May 2021

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