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Carismatic Generator

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President / Founder


Dan Caris came across the plastic recycling problem firsthand when he tried to recycle used commercial printer cartridges for his business. He was told they weren't recyclable and had to throw them in the landfill with all the other trash.

Dan knew that plastic is, at its elemental level, essentially petroleum in a suspended form. So he set out to solve the issue of extracting that energy.


After more than 10 years in development, Dan devised a solution, the Carismatic Generator.


Through a patented system of micro pulverization, most all waste plastics, that are not recyclable, are finally able to be repurposed as fuel.


Still in the prototype phase, the Carismatic Generator uses the energy stored in the waste plastic formulated fuel to create electricity.

Not only will it produce electricity, but it will also produce near zero emissions by utilizing already existing carbon capturing technology. And it will happen in a space the size of most air conditioner units, yet with the ability to power your home, office, and electric vehicle.


The unit is self-contained, has near zero emissions,

and all it requires is the world's most notorious piece of trash: Plastic.

Are you ready for a future where plastic isn't thrown away as a waste product, but rather utilized to produce electricity?

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Prototype 1
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