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Thinking Green! Let's Imagine the Possibilities

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Stanislaus Magazine November/December 2020

Let’s Imagine the Possibilities

By Vicki Rice, Modesto Recycling Program Coordinator

Modesto, California

What if we rethink the way we look at plastics, instead of as a manufacturing byproduct resulting in an overwhelming global plastic pollution crisis? Maybe it becomes a commodity to fuel a generator that provides not only an energy source, but has the ability to recycle all forms of plastic, both clean and dirty. I would say that absolutely would have a positive effect on the environment, wouldn’t you?

Historically speaking, plastic’s most influential debut into modern society was in the 1950s. It was portrayed as a revolutionary product meant to eliminate hours of cleaning and secure its place as a suitable replacement in a throwaway culture. Little did we know that this convenience would create an estimated 300 million tons of new plastics annually; we are lucky to see 10 percent of that being recycled.

There are amazing efforts happening to reduce the amount of plastic that we use in an effort toward a zero-waste routine. As a consumer, you should do your best to refuse the use of single-use plastic when you can. Take a look at plastic bags, straws, takeaway cups, water bottles and to-go containers. Use environmentally friendly alternatives and do your part.

The reality is that plastic is not going away, recycling cannot keep up with the demand and the waste plastic is increasing at such a high rate that we are struggling to know what to do with it. It is having profound negative environment impacts.

Welcome to CarisMatic Technologies. Their vision is to offer a small standalone unit that can either replace or compliment primary and secondary renewable energy sources. This patented pending technology uses all numbered plastics as fuel. The possibilities for plastic-to-fuel uses are unlimited. Growers will have the ability to recycle all plastic sheet barriers into a usable energy; commercial buildings could recycle all plastic waste on site and funnel that energy for use; and homeowners will have more energy choices.

The goal of CarisMatic Technologies is to market the revolutionary Caris Inc. Generator as a viable alternative energy source. It was created as a potential solution to the global challenge of plastic waste by using that waste as a fuel to create electricity, thus ending the life of discarded plastic and the stream of toxins that it carries into our environment. When and where can we buy one of these? Caris Generator will be ready for the test market in late 2021 after 10 years in research and development.

The Technology

I am sure you are wondering how this will work. Simply put, the Caris Generator extracts heat through an inline heat exchange from processed plastic waste and generates electricity. Plastic is the stable energy that the Caris Generator utilizes. For all of you scientific types, the Caris Generator contains a vortex generating electro/chemical reactor that utilizes micro-pulverized plastic (pellets) to create a thermal energy reaction. The unit contains several emission control components to extract the pollutants from the airstream. The extracted heat then activates a steam turbine, which powers the generator producing electricity. Any resulting carbon dioxide is converted to ethanol and redirected back into the device for further electricity output. The unit is noncombustible, produces little to no heat and has a small 4-foot by 2-foot footprint. If you think that sounds amazing, it also runs independently of any outside power source to start, run or produce the resulting energy. All it uses is a small rechargeable battery for the initial ignition.

The Fuel

CarisMatic’s revolutionary generator is aimed at the goal of providing a viable alternative energy source wherever needed. It is significantly important to the global challenge of plastic waste by using that waste as a fuel to create electricity. The fuel is comprised of shredded plastic that has been formulated into small pellets. All numbers of plastic are used, as well as plastic considered “contaminated” or unclean. For the first time in the history of plastic, all plastics can be recycled for use.

The Vision

According to CarisMatic Technologies, they aspire to create a principled shift about plastic recycling for living sustainably. Once local, regional and national distribution is achieved, the possibility of eliminating energy deficiencies worldwide is an achievable goal.

They believe the Caris Generator will be a tipping point for reclaiming the environment. Third world countries will have the means to produce electricity in currently unreachable areas. And at some point, plastics will be recycled in the home, thus reducing the stress on waste management.

Coming soon: CarisMatic Technologies will establish the nonprofit Caris Foundation, which will help to ensure the reclaiming of our environment for all. It also will ensure CarisMatic Technologies’ legacy remains one of environmental forethought and caring.

A final thought by CarisMatic Technologies: “The Caris Inc. Generator is a start and frankly, it may take a while to return our land and oceans to acceptable levels. While there are many, many studies of plastic doom, there are none that relate how long it would take to clean the plastic from the environment. We believe we can change that paradigm. Join Us!”

I had the privilege of meeting the Inventor and CEO, Daniel Caris, and members of his team, Susan Savage and Debbie Shane Caris. Their commitment to the environment and finding a sustainable solution to plastic pollution is commendable. What inspired me most was hearing their ultimate goal to leave a legacy that has a lasting impression of change. I certainly think that eliminating plastic waste and turning it into renewable energy would stand the test of time.

For more information, please visit I leave Stanislaus Magazine readers with the quote they gave me at the conclusion of the interview. “It was only impossible until someone figured it out.” Please follow the progress of CarisMatic Technologies as they work to create change for a better world.

Special thanks to CarisMatic Technologies for website excerpts.

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