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Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Plastic as a Resource and Advanced Recycling

Globally, plastics recycle at a rate of 14% to 18%. While in United States recycling has been at 9% since 2012 according to Rachel Meidl, a fellow in energy and environment at the Baker Institute. She states “It is imperative to understand that the vision of a circular economy can only be realized by deeming used plastic a resource and not a waste, and through employing advanced recycling technologies which keep the molecule in play and maintain materials at an economic value.

Caris Inc. agrees wholeheartedly. In fact, with the Carismatic Generator the plastic molecule truly becomes a resource by producing electricity. And it is done without utilizing Advanced Recycling or creating emissions.

Chemical recycling, also known as Advanced Recycling reduces high performance plastics to a production oil, it does not address all plastic types. The Carismatic Generator does and, again, without emitting emissions.

"More than half of all plastics collected for recycling in the United States were exported, and, of this, 88% of exports were routed to countries with insufficient solid waste infrastructure, unable to effectively manage, recycle or dispose of plastics," Meidl wrote.

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